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The Oracle tutorials have been updated for Oracle 9i, 10g, and 11i.

Oracle SQL Tutorial

Oracle tutorial about: SQL*Plus — schemata — data types — Oracle SQL DML & SQL DDL examples — editing commands — using external files — the dual pseudo-table — introduction to transactions — optional exercise — references.

Oracle PL/SQL Tutorial

Oracle tutorial about: need for PL/SQL — declarative vs. procedural — anonymous blocks — debugging — a first program — code compilation — code execution — procedures & functions — PL/SQL in SQL — SQL in PL/SQL — cursors & loops — operators & built-in functions reference tables.

Oracle Data Dictionary Tutorial

Oracle tutorial about: Oracle's Data dictionary — meta-data — system & object privileges — dictionary structure — “user” tables — “all” tables — “dba” tables — “v$” tables — frequently used tables — usage examples — exercises — using the dictionary in PL/SQL programs — optional exercise.

Oracle/Java Tutorial

Oracle tutorial about: JDBC overview — “thin” driver — OCI driver — connecting to Oracle — a generic database access class — insert, update and select examples — exercises.
You'll also need: DbObjectClasses.jar

Advanced Oracle/Java Turorial

Oracle tutorial about: binary large objects — Java stored procedures — call specifications — triggers.
You'll also need: PicDispClasses.jar and