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The Most Influential Papers in Computer Science

This is an attempt to provide links to the web version of some of the most influential papers in the fields of computer science and software engineering. The papers are presented ordered by date.
Dijkstra, E.W. [1968], ‘Go To statement considered harmful’, Communications of the ACM, 11(3) , 147–148

Dijkstra, E.W. [1968], ‘The structure of “the” multiprogramming system’, Communications of the ACM, 11(5) , 345–346

Codd, E.F. [1970], ‘A relational model of data for large shared data banks’, Communications of the ACM, 13(6), 377–387

Parnas, D.L. [1972], ‘on the criteria to be used in decomposing systems into modules’, Communications of the ACM, 15(12), 1053–1058

Brooks Jr., F.P. [1986], ‘No silver bullet: essence and accidents of software engineering’, Information Processing, Elsever Science Publishers B.V., Holland