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v2.1.6 - Encoder with challenge updated

Update of the challenge feature to improve the support for the latest version of the Opera browser. (20 Oct 2006)

v2.1.5 - Minor change to the code generated for HTML standard compliance

Minor change to the code generated by the standard interactive encoder to achieve full HTML 4.01 compliance. The automated antispam encoder was already generating valid HTML or XHTML. (13 Sep 2006)

Batch Encoder v1.0alpha2 - Automated batch encoder released

Automated batch email address encoder now released. Give the URL of a web page or upload it, and get it back with all links encoded. (25 Nov 2005)

v2.1.4 - Corrected problem with some special characters in email link text

Corrected a code generation problem occurring with email link text containing some special characters. (15 Nov 2005)

v2.1.3 - Simplified the encoder's interface, minor changes in the code generated

The encoding process has been further simplified. Minor changes in the code generated. (17 Sep 2005)

v2.1.2 - Simplified the encoder's user interface

The encoding process is now in 4 steps instead of 6. (24 Apr 2005)

v2.1.1 - Added support for multiple encoded addresses on one page

Added support for multiple encoded addresses on one page when using the challenge option. Doing this previously required manual changes (25 Feb 2005).

v2.1 - Upgrade of challenge image generation

Upgade of the challenge image generation process to improve the readability of the image. The code may now contain digits as well as letters (15 Feb 2005).

v2.0.6 - Change of challenge image generation

Update of the challenge image generation process to improve both code readability and overall security (16 Jan 2005).

v2.0.5 - Minor changes

Periodic security update (25 Nov 2004). The encoder is now available in eight languages.

v2.0 - Major update

Introduces an optional user-challenge technique in the email encoder for more security. The email link text and email subject can now be customized (4 Aug 2004).

Changes prior to version 2.0 are not available. The content of this page is also available in RSS format and via our mailing list.

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