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File API (May 24)
Resource Timing (May 24)
Long Tasks API (May 24)
WebGPU (May 24)
HTML Ruby Markup Extensions (May 23)
Credential Management Level 1 (May 23)
Battery Status API (May 23)
Web Neural Network API (May 23)
Controller Documents 1.0 (May 23)
WebGPU Shading Language (May 23)
Bitstring Status List v1.0 (May 21)
WebDriver (May 21)
Securing Verifiable Credentials using JOSE and COSE (May 21)
RDF Dataset Canonicalization (May 21)
Media Queries Level 3 (May 21)
AV1 WebCodecs Registration (May 20)
MP3 WebCodecs Registration (May 20)
Vorbis WebCodecs Registration (May 20)
FLAC WebCodecs Registration (May 20)
WebCodecs Codec Registry (May 20)
u-law PCM WebCodecs Registration (May 20)
Linear PCM WebCodecs Registration (May 20)
VP8 WebCodecs Registration (May 20)
VP9 WebCodecs Registration (May 20)
AAC WebCodecs Registration (May 20)
AVC (H.264) WebCodecs Registration (May 20)
HEVC (H.265) WebCodecs Registration (May 20)
A-law PCM WebCodecs Registration (May 20)
WebCodecs (May 20)
Opus WebCodecs Registration (May 20)
Web Application Manifest (May 17)
CSS View Transitions Module Level 2 (May 16)
DID Specification Registries (May 16)
Scalable Video Coding (SVC) Extension for WebRTC (May 16)
CSS Multi-column Layout Module Level 1 (May 16)
Pointer Lock 2.0 (May 16)
W3C Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 3.0 (May 16)
N’Ko Layout Requirements (May 15)
Khmer Layout Requirements (Draft) (May 15)
Magnetometer (May 15)
Lao Layout Requirements (May 15)
Mongolian Layout Requirements (May 15)
Tamil Layout Requirements (May 15)
Thai Layout Requirements (May 15)
Requirements for Tibetan Text Layout and Typography (May 15)
Arabic & Persian Layout Requirements (May 15)
Device Orientation and Motion (May 14)
Verifiable Credentials Data Model v2.0 (May 13)
Media Session (May 13)
Privacy Principles (May 11)
WebXR Layers API Level 1 (May 10)
ARIA in HTML (May 07)
SPARQL 1.2 Service Description (May 02)
Media Capture and Streams (May 02)
RDF 1.2 Concepts and Abstract Syntax (May 02)
SPARQL 1.2 Query Results JSON Format (May 02)
SPARQL 1.2 Protocol (May 02)
SPARQL 1.2 Query Language (May 02)
SPARQL 1.2 Update (May 02)
SPARQL 1.2 Query Results CSV and TSV Formats (May 02)
Picture-in-Picture (May 02)
SPARQL 1.2 Query Results XML Format (May 02)
Compute Pressure Level 1 (May 01)
Remote Playback API (April 30)
ARIA in HTML (April 30)
Contact Picker API (April 30)
EPUB Accessibility - EU Accessibility Act Mapping (April 30)
Accessible Name and Description Computation 1.2 (April 29)
WebAssembly Core Specification (April 28)
Verifiable Credential Data Integrity 1.0 (April 28)
WebAssembly Web API (April 28)
Data Integrity BBS Cryptosuites v1.0 (April 28)
Data Integrity ECDSA Cryptosuites v1.0 (April 28)

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