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MiniApp Standardization White Paper version 2 (July 01)
MiniApp Manifest (July 01)
Requirements for Chinese Text Layout - 中文排版需求 (July 01)
Web Share API (July 01)
Web Neural Network API (June 30)
Push API (June 30)
Media Capture and Streams (June 30)
Identifiers for WebRTC's Statistics API (June 30)
Gamepad (June 30)
WebGPU (June 30)
Multi-Screen Window Placement (June 30)
WebGPU (June 29)
WebGPU Shading Language (June 29)
UI Events (June 29)
Indexed Database API 3.0 (June 29)
Pointer Events (June 29)
Ethical Principles for Web Machine Learning (June 28)
Incremental Font Transfer (June 28)
CSS Color Module Level 4 (June 28)
requestIdleCallback() Cooperative Scheduling of Background Tasks (June 28)
DID Specification Registries (June 28)
CSS Color Module Level 5 (June 28)
MiniApp Addressing (June 27)
EPUB 3 Structural Semantics Vocabulary 1.1 (June 24)
EPUB 3.3 (June 24)
EPUB Reading Systems 3.3 (June 24)
WebDriver (June 24)
Page Visibility Level 2 (June 23)
WebTransport (June 23)
Viewport Capture (June 21)
Internationalization Best Practices for Spec Developers (June 17)
Uighur Gap Analysis (June 17)
Perso-arabic Kashmiri Gap Analysis (June 17)
Navigation Timing Level 2 (June 17)
Resource Timing Level 2 (June 17)
Propagation format for distributed context: Baggage (June 17)
CSS Custom Properties for Cascading Variables Module Level 1 (June 16)
Screen Capture (June 16)
Intersection Observer (June 15)
CSS Color Adjustment Module Level 1 (June 14)
EPUB Accessibility Techniques 1.1 (June 10)
DeviceOrientation Event Specification (June 10)
WAI-Adapt: Content Module (June 09)
WAI-Adapt Explainer (June 09)
Picture-in-Picture (June 09)
WAI-Adapt: Help and Support Module (June 09)
WAI-Adapt: Tools Module (June 09)
Requirements for WAI-Adapt specification (June 09)
Remote Playback API (June 08)
Generic Sensor API (June 07)
MediaStream Recording (June 07)
EPUB Accessibility 1.1 (June 07)
Region Capture (June 06)

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