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Email Link Versus Contact Form

There are today two main ways for a visitor of your website to contact you, the site's owner: email links and contact forms.

Rigidity of forms vs flexibility of email links.
There are situations where it is desirable to make sure the recipient and the subject are set to specific values so the message is routed to the appropriate person, team, or sadly, automated-response system.
Forms allow to structure the message into different fields and constrain the values allowed for each field.

Email links are symmetric
Email links are symmetric in two ways.

First because both the sender and the recipient use the same communication protocol. This implies the possibility of conversations (two-way communication) rather than the broadcast of a message to an unknown and unnamed recipient.
As it is always possible that I mistyped my email address in the form, I'm not even sure that the other party will be able (or willing) to reply.

Second, as a side effect of sending a message I retain an exact copy of it. So I can refer to this copy later to either refresh my mind about what exactly I wrote or to prove that I actually sent the message in the first place. Sending an acknowledgment email after the submission of a form may achieve the same effect, but only if it contains the original message.

Note that some websites allow web users to create free contact forms.

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